Hub Agency

Activities of the company Baltic Marine Services are not limited only to rendering the agency services in the ports, where it has own offices. We offer our customers Hub agency services in many ports in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Acting as the general agent on behalf of the customer, the company through the sub-agency agreement appoints a local agent, thus saving time and money of the customer and bearing financial and operational liability before the customer for activities of the sub-agent. Our sub-agents in the aforementioned regions are highly professional shipping agencies that are among the three strongest ones in the respective countries as to number of arrivals of ships and quality of service. When you need agent’s services in the country or region of interest, please, apply directly to our office in Riga:

Baltic Marine Services Ltd.
Vienibas gatve 99, 2nd floor
Riga, LV-1004,
Tel      : + 371 67447563
Fax     : + 371 67447560
E-mail :

In Europe we can supply the above mentioned services in the following countries: Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Malta. In Asia: Izrael, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey In Africa: Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria, Algeria, Lybia, Egypt (incl.Suez Canal) In North America: USA, Canada